About Merle

What kind of clothes do kids want to wear? Most importantly, they want clothes they can move in. Clothes they can kick and roll and run and jump in! Most kids also love bright colors and want the patterns on their clothes to represent their interests; animals, machines, monsters, stars, you name it!

But babies and kids don't care about what is supposed to be boy clothes and girl clothes! Many boys love pink and many girls love tractors until they are told they shouldn't, for some reason.

Merle makes the clothes kids want to wear! Clothes that tell a fun story, clothes that kids of all genders will love and want to wear time and time again.

Another thing kids want is a healthy planet. Fresh air and happy communities. So for them and for all of us, we try to be as sustainable as we can.

We work almost exclusively with organic cotton (you'll find the fabric composition of each product in its description) and our fabric and socks are produced respectively in Germany and Portugal, under fair conditions. The leggings and bonnets are designed and sewn in beautiful Leipzig, Germany. We avoid plastic whenever possible, and we pride ourselves on being a vegan company.

About the founder and Designer,
Gaëlle Lalonde

Flashback to 2014, my son is two years old, and he knows what he wants to wear: bright colors, especially purple and pink, and clothes with fun patterns on them!

Well, I already know I can't look in the boys' section of any department store for that, and the girls' section, full of frills and uncomfortable designs, doesn't match his or my taste either.

When my daughter is born a year later, questions keep popping up in my mind: “Why do children have to bear those stereotypes? Why are dinosaurs and sports just for boys, while horses and mice are for girls exclusively?”
At that time, a new mom of two fresh out of illustration school with a passion for textiles, I was wondering what my future would be made of until it dawned on me: I would create the clothes my kids would love to wear, clothing that let kids be kids!

In 2018, after a lot of research and a couple of false starts, I launched my first legging collection. It's a wonderful and exciting adventure to slowly see Merle morph into what I dreamed it could be and to be part of a movement that encourages kids to be themselves, outside of gender norms!

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